Academic Year 2022/2023

The upcoming academic year will be full of many unknowns. Contact CEG now, as we have been preparing ways to make sure student progress stays on track. 

In addition to the academic tutoring outlined below, we will also:

  • Support school-directed eLearning
  • Guide students through their assignments
  • Preview and review concepts
  • Customize enrichment 
  • Provide explicit instruction in the executive functions, particularly as they relate to the increased demands of online learning and the potential for disruptions in school schedules.

Academic Tutorials

Tutorials are designed to reinforce discrete skills through targeted, individualized  instruction. They will be delivered either in person or via an eLearning platform.


  • Phonemic awareness and Phonics
  • Metacognitive reading comprehension skills.
  • Syllabication: The strategies to decode multisyllabic words. .


  • Single paragraph:  Practice brainstorming, outlining, writing, and revising one solid paragraph with strong and varied sentence structure.
  • Multi Paragraph:  Learn how to brainstorm, outline, write, and revise multi paragraph essays. 
  • Essay writing for high school and college applications.


  • Strengthen vocabulary to enhance reading, writing, listening, speaking, and thinking.


  • Number facts: Build automaticity of math facts.
  • Number sense and computational efficiency.
  • Problem solving: Develop a tool belt of strategies.
  • Solidify math concepts through the use of concrete materials.

Study Skills:

  • Note taking, active reading, preparing study guides, memory strategies, time management.

Executive Function Skills:

  • Understand what they are and why they matter.

Financial Literacy:

  • Learn to create and adhere to a budget, understand banking products and financial terms.  


  • Informal assessing available upon intake.


  • Master skills to make the most of distance learning.


  • College and Independent School application process.
  • How to navigate the Individuals With Disabilities Education Act.
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