Professional Expertise


  • Windward Teacher Training Institute
    • Multisensory Reading Instruction: Preventing Academic Failure Part One
    • Multisensory Reading Instruction: Preventing Academic Failure Part Two
    • Syllables are the Key: Basics of Language Structure Through Syllabication
    • Language Development & Early Literacy: Phonological Awareness  Skills, Language, Literacy, and Learning 
  • Learning and the Brain Conferences 
    • Constructing the Reading Brain
  • Ellin Keene
    • Teaching Reading Comprehension 
    • Talk About Understanding
  • Wilson Reading System
  • Orton Gillingham (OCGE Level)
  • Phonological Processing:  Indemnification, Development, and Remediation


  • Windward Teacher Training Institute
    • Expository Writing Instruction Part One and Part Two
  • Columbia University, Teachers College
    • The Reading and Writing Project; Writing Institute  


  • Windward Teacher Training Institute
    • Singapore Math: Model Drawing
    • Improving Math Competence: Diagnosis and Remediation
  • Investigations in Number, Data, and Space: TERC 
    • Investigations I
    • Investigations Leadership 

Academic Achievement Tests:

  • Woodcock – Johnson IV
  • PAF Decoding             
  • WIAT
  • TOWL
  • GORT
  • DRA
  • QRI
  • Key Math

Additionally, we are skilled at interpreting both neuro-psychological evaluations and psycho -educational evaluations, and we will implement a personalized plan based on your child’s learning profile.

Social and Emotional Learning:

  • Learning and the Brain Conferences:
    • Teaching With the Brain in Mind 
  • Bena Kalick
    • Growth Mindsets
    • Maintaining a Positive Attitude
  • Mel Levine: ­
    • All Kinds of Minds 
    • Teaching All Kinds of Minds 
  • Rick Hanson
    • Mindfulness 
  • Mindful Schools 
    • Yoga in the Classroom 
  • Cogmed Working Memory Training
  • Child Mind Institute
    • Building Resilient Classrooms 
  • Omega Institute
    • Mindfulness Training Workshop
  • Yoga For Classrooms
    • Teacher Training for Incorporating Yoga in the Classroom

Transition to college:

  • University of California, Los Angeles
    • Concentration in College Counseling
  • Preparing for the Transition to College: A Workshop for Educational Professionals and Students with Learning Disabilities
  • The Power of Motivation
  • Issues in Transition Planning
  • Interest and Values Inventories

Special Education:

  • Special Education Procedural Requirements
  • Bringing Connecticut Special Education Law Into Focus
  • Special Education Law and Due Process
  • Inclusion and Classroom Modifications

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